How to Use the DMK Acne Products

DMK are the leaders in Acne treatments and have been for almost 40 years. We have changed many thousands of people’s lives with DMK treatments. For best results we would advise DMK in-clinic treatments supported by the use of the DMK Acu-Klear range at home. If it is difficult for you to come into a DMK clinic for treatment, the Acu-Klear products will still work but may take a longer to achieve the results without the professional in-clinic treatment. Ask your DMK Practitioner for more information on this amazing Acne range.


May be used in the shower or at the sink. Ensure that your hands are wet and apply a 10p coin size of Acu-Klenz to the palm of your hand. Massage into wet skin for 30-60 seconds and rinse well with lots of lukewarm water. Do not dry the skin but keep it slightly damp. Pat dry the eyes to avoid drips entering them.

Acu-Mist or Herb & Mineral Spray

After cleansing the skin with Acu-Klenz spray the Acu-Mist or Herb & Mineral Spray over the Acne affected area (i.e. face, neck and/or back). This may be repeated a few times during the day to keep the skin moist and activate the anti Acne constituents of the Acu-Moist crème.

Betagel or Super Serum

May be used at this stage to strengthen the skin and help to reduce post-Acne scarring. Use 2-3 pumps on the damp sprayed skin. Ask your DMK practitioner about these amazing products.


If you have Cystic or Vulgaris Acne then use the Acu-Klear morning and night after spraying or if you have just applied Betagel use Acu-Klear over the top of the Betagel. If you have mild to moderate Acne, this product may be used at night time only. At night apply after the Acu-Klenz and Acu-Mist.

Acu-Moist with SPF15

Before applying Acu-Moist spray a generous amount of Acu-Mist or Herb & Mineral Spray this is to compensate for the fact that Acne skin is always internally water deficient. Then apply the Acu-Moist.


Apply the Acu-Therm once a day with a cotton bud to any pimples or pustules ONLY. Avoid the surrounding skin. The Acu Therm may feel warm to the skin.Warning: Only use Acu-Therm directly on a spot and not over the surrounding skin. Never use Acu-Therm all over the skin. Do not use the fingers to apply and only use a cotton bud to apply to each individual spot.

When to Use the New DMK Acne Products




When to Use:





Amount to use




1.    Acu-Klenz

10p coin size


2.    Acu-Mist

3 sprays

Once the Acne is under control the practitioner may suggest switching from Acu-Mist to Herb & Mineral Spray.

3.    Betagel

3 pumps

Alternatively, the new Super Serum may be used in place of the Betagel Serum.

4.    Acu-Klear

5p coin size


* Use twice a day ONLY if it is Cystic or Vulgaris Acne.

5.    Acu-Moist

5p coin size

Ensure that you spray a generous amount of Acu-Mist or Herb & Mineral Spray prior to applying the Acu-Moist.


Only apply with a cotton bud to pimple or pustule

A maximum of once per day. It is preferable to apply at night

Important: Use directly on a spot and avoid contact with the surrounding skin.